Putting people together changes everything
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A book about the people and organizations working to reconnect us together

At a time so many forces are working to undo the social fabric of society, at a time digital technologies are deceiving us by disguising connections as relationships, at a time it seems the world will have to choose to create more equality either through conflict or through empathy, at a time so many of us feel helpless in the face of social and political chaos, there are in fact many forces working to reconnect us together.

We just haven't noticed.

Why? Because those forces take many forms: conferences, festivals, schools, hospitals, museums. Heterogenous, but all pulling the world in the same direction: towards more exchanges, more debate, more awareness of other cultures, more contacts between generations, social classes, ethnic groups.

Talking to people like the organizer of Woodstock, the curator of the World Economic Forum, the talent scout of the Cirque Du Soleil or the director of the Olympic Games showed me that those organizations are where key 21st century assets like relations, reputation and attention circulate, that all of them unknowingly face strikingly similar challenges, that all are structured in a way (as platforms) that might very well be the most relevant form of organization for this day and age.

Come Together is a manual for those who would like to contribute to the recreation of our world's social fabric, because walls and travel bans are not the only option.


The following people have kindly contributed their time to the project, most by agreeing to be interviewed by the author.

Alexander Osterwalder (Strategyzer)
Alice Rawsthorn (Design Critic)
Alison Boyd-Gellers (Renaissance Weekend)
André Laubscher (Geneva University Hospitals)
André Schneider (World Economic Forum)
Anne Krebs (Le Louvre)
Antoine Geissbuhler (Geneva University Hospitals)
Bertrand Levrat (Geneva University Hospitals)
Boris Veldhuijzen Van Zanten (The Next Web)
Brendan Harkin (Xmedialab)
Brett Leve (Summit)
Bruno Giussani (TED)
Carl Honoré (Author and speaker)
Christophe Dubi (International Olympic Committee)
Claus Sendlinger (Design Hotels)
Clément Marcelet (Airbnb)
Courtney Boyd Myers (Summit)
Daniel Rosselat (Paleo)
David Rowan (Wired UK)
Duncan Stutterheim (ID&T)
Eric Brun-Sanglard (Blind interior designer)
Étienne de Balasy (Actor)
Felix Koch (C Space)
François Hisquin (Octo / USI)
Frédéric Mazzella (CEO Blablacar)
Geraldine Le Meur (Le Web)
Hugh Forrest (SxSW)
Hugh Quennec (Geneva Hockey Club)
Jean-François Bouchard (C2)
Jean-Claude Biver (CEO TAG Heuer)
Jeff Rosenthal (Summit)
Jefferson Hack (Dazed)
Jeremiah Owyang (Crowd Companies)
Jon schmitz (Chautauqua Institution)
Juliana rotich (Ushahidi)
Julien Carette (Havas)
Kara Swisher (Recode)
Kitty Leering (PICNIC/Thought For Food)
Kris Kimel (Ideas Festival)
Kushtrim Xhakli (Dokutech)
Laura Penn (speakers coach)
Laurence Corona (Ateliers de Couthures)
Laurent Bolli (BB Studio)
Leetha Filderman (Poptech)
Lisa Gierszal (Chautauqua Institution)
Marian Goodell (Burning Man)
Martin Sirk (ICCA)
Martin Talvari (Slush)
Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble (ServiceNow)
Mathias Holzman (Palomar5)
Mathieu Jaton (Montreux Jazz Festival)
Matt Locke (expert storyteller)
Michael Lang (Woodstock)
Monique van Dusseldorp (Next/TEDx Amsterdam)
Murielle Cantin (Cirque du soleil)
Nancy Duarte (Persuasive Presentation Experts)
Paola Antonelli (MoMA)
Pascal Viot (Paléo)
Patrick Aebischer (EPFL)
Pep Rosenfeld (Boom Chicago / Boom Chicago Creative)
Philippe Gudin (Le Rosey)
Pierre Lukaszewski (Fondation Jan Michalski)
Richard Saul Wurman (TED founder)
Robert Scoble (UploadVR)
Robin Chase (CEO Zipcar)
Romain Vez (UEFA)
Sebastian Buckup (World Economic Forum)
Sebastien Tondeur (MCI)
Stefana Broadbent (Nesta)
Steffi Czerny (DLD)
Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple)
Suzy Menkes (Conde Nast Luxury Conference)
Sylvester Lindemulde (Nachtlab)
Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (Reboot)
Tim Harford (Author)
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media)
Vassili Christodoulou (The School of Life)
Vint Cerf (Google)
Yann Zopf (World Economic Forum)
Yves Daccord (ICRC)



My job is to search for the emerging ideas, people and organizations that will make a meaningful impact in the coming years. Using my experience, resources and network, I nurture those pockets of positive change through guidance, investments, connections, events, speaking and writing. Good futures are already here, my goal is to make them more evenly distributed.

You can contact me on hello@laurenthaug.com